Saturday, May 13, 2017

Aunt Nicole's Wedding in UTAH!

The first week of April we made the long journey to Utah for Steve's sister's wedding!  Since we weren't too keen on the idea of driving 12 hours with three kids in tow, we decided to fly.  Aubrey and Kate were so excited to fly for their first time (as least the first time where they will be able to remember).  The wedding was beautiful, and although the weather was a bit crummy, we managed to have some fun family time.

Airports and airplane rides mean lots of waiting and boredom, but these two were so excited they didn't care one bit!  

Ella... could have done better.  She did pretty good on our flight there, but on the way back she had a fever, missed a nap, and was just starting to get sick and was just plain miserable pretty much the whole time!  Thankfully we were in the very back row so we were out of most people's earshot.

The beautiful couple!  So happy for Nicole and Blake.  They are so sweet together!!  Pretty sure Nicole was Steve's 5 year old sister just the other week, but apparently she's a grown woman now!

The girls were thrilled to be flower girls for her wedding - they looked so cute!

Oh my, so much chasing with this one...

But how can I resist her?  She is so dang precious!

My birthday happened to fall on Nicole's wedding day (I was happy to share ;) ) so one of my late gifts was a photo session with my absolute favorite photographer of all time, Skye Johansen.  She just happens to live about an hour from where we were staying, so Steve let me do the session as a birthday present.  I followed her photography for years on Facebook and was always so amazed by her beautiful photos, and I can honestly thank her for getting me into photography.  She was so wonderful with the kids and I'm still (not so patiently) waiting to get their pictures back.  I know it will be worth the wait and they will be beautiful though!  

We headed to the gorgeous Salt Lake City temple before leaving to go home.  So beautiful!  We LOVE Utah and I would even consider living there if it weren't for the super freezing winters -- we just can't do the cold!!

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