Tuesday, April 11, 2017

18 months!

 Ella turned 18 months last week.  This age has got to be one of the most challenging, naughtiest, yet adorable ages of them all.  

Ella loves music and dancing, dogs, going outside, books, baby dolls and cuddles.  She's still a great eater, napper, and sleeps through the night still.  Hooray!  (We also stopped nursing right at 15 months.  We were both ready!)

This sweet innocent face also is a hitter!  She started hitting this month and has yet to stop.  I remember this phase with her sisters and I can't wait for it to end!    Such a little bully ;)

She is starting to talk more and more and seems to say a new word each day.  She's our slowest speaker for sure, but I guess that's what happens with kid number three!  My favorite words she says: "Dall Done!" "DeeDee!" (baby) and of course "Tick tick" for back tickles.A

Ella is definitely in the thick of the "getting into everything" phase and some days I swear I am growing grey hair because of it, but her affection towards me makes up for it by a long shot.  She is obsessed with her mama and I just eat it up.  Sometimes Steve or a stranger will wave or try to hug her, and she will just run and hug me and look at them and give them a dirty look!  Every morning she cuddles with me before we start our day and it's just what I need to face all the naughty things she comes up with. :) 

 Love this feisty, beautiful girl of ours so much!

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  1. Oh the toddler days... My middle child started in on the "terrible twos" at about 18 months, so I totally relate to this phase you're in. Thank heavens they are so cute!