Friday, April 14, 2017

steve and kate's 15 minutes of fame.

The girls were so excited to see the new live action "Beauty and the Beast" movie so we decided to take them as a surprise one day after Aubrey got home from school.  Kate of course dressed up as Belle (any chance to dress up like a princess, she's all about it), and Aubrey didn't want to dress up - too cool.

 Kate told Steve she needed a prince to take her to the movies, and we all thought that was cute.  I jokingly reminded Steve he does have a prince charming costume up in the closet from a couple Halloweens ago, which Kate was so excited about.  "Will you please wear it Daddy?  Please?! I really want to sit by a prince at the movies."  Well, Steve, being completely wrapped around his daughters' finger, decided he would wear it for her.

Anyone that knows Steve knows he is NOT one to like to bring a lot of attention to himself, but Kate's happiness meant more than his ego.  It really was the cutest scene ever at the movies - people kept taking pictures of them.  

I posted the above photos on my Facebook and Instagram and they ended up going viral, which is quite hilarious because he barely let me post them in the first place.  He even said "You can post them but don't tag me." Lol. Oops!  Only 41,000+ people saw it.  No big.

I had reporters emailing me for a couple of days asking to use the story/pictures for articles for their websites. (including Today Show and Ellen Nation!) His 15 minutes of fame is over now, and he is currently in therapy now having to be a regular folk like the rest of us. ;)

But seriously - I picked a keeper!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

18 months!

 Ella turned 18 months last week.  This age has got to be one of the most challenging, naughtiest, yet adorable ages of them all.  

Ella loves music and dancing, dogs, going outside, books, baby dolls and cuddles.  She's still a great eater, napper, and sleeps through the night still.  Hooray!  (We also stopped nursing right at 15 months.  We were both ready!)

This sweet innocent face also is a hitter!  She started hitting this month and has yet to stop.  I remember this phase with her sisters and I can't wait for it to end!    Such a little bully ;)

She is starting to talk more and more and seems to say a new word each day.  She's our slowest speaker for sure, but I guess that's what happens with kid number three!  My favorite words she says: "Dall Done!" "DeeDee!" (baby) and of course "Tick tick" for back tickles.A

Ella is definitely in the thick of the "getting into everything" phase and some days I swear I am growing grey hair because of it, but her affection towards me makes up for it by a long shot.  She is obsessed with her mama and I just eat it up.  Sometimes Steve or a stranger will wave or try to hug her, and she will just run and hug me and look at them and give them a dirty look!  Every morning she cuddles with me before we start our day and it's just what I need to face all the naughty things she comes up with. :) 

 Love this feisty, beautiful girl of ours so much!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

aubrey is SIX!

Aubrey turned six last weekend - a little mind boggling, but I have to admit this is the least emotional I've ever been about one of my kids getting older.  She it turning out to be such an amazing little girl, and I'm only excited for whats to come.

Aubrey is incredibly sweet & kind.  She lost her very first tooth last Friday (!!!) and when the tooth fairy brought her three whole dollars, she was so excited to share a dollar with each of her sisters.  I mean, who is this kid?!  

Aubrey is doing great at school and is so smart!  Her teacher says she is a friend to everyone and loves to help people.  She absolutely loves school but I miss her a lot still. I know some parents feel a relief when they drop their kid off for school, but honestly it's a relief picking her up!  Her presence in our home makes things feel complete.

Words can't even describe how much I love this girl.  I can remember so well blogging about her monthly baby milestones and its hard to believe I'm here six years later.  Aubrey's sensitive, caring, and adorable personality makes me proud every single day!

Monday, February 13, 2017


We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday since the real day (tomorrow) is filled up with volunteering in Aubrey's kindergarten class, dance class, dance class again, & of course a date with my 14th year in a row Valentine. ;)  We had our own little "Galentine's party" with a heart shaped breakfast, cookie baking and decorating, and putting together class Valentines.  We had so much fun and even Ella got in on the baking - I just loved it.  I hope my girls remember these fun memories - these years of them being little are slipping away so fast!!

My dad built this awesome shiplap wall in my studio and did such a great job.  I love it so much!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

quick monterey getaway for steve's 30th

Back in the beginning of January Steve and I took our first sans-Ella trip together alone.  It was mainly to celebrate Steve turning 30 (which he did on the 10th) but also it had just been a while since we took a solo trip, at least for us.  Ella finished nursing just in time for us to go.  It rained nearly the whole trip, minus Saturday, but we still had the best time.

On Friday we went to dinner and to the Warriors game.  Steve's boss is a season ticket holder and generously let us use his 5th row tickets.  Steve was in heaven, and I was in heaven watching him being heaven. :) The game was SO fun - we sat right on the side of the tunnel and got to high five players coming out of it. So cool!

The next day we walked the pier and rented a cart and rode along the beach.  It stayed sunny most of Saturday thankfully so we could enjoy Monterey's beauty!

Our last day we got massages, visited Pebble Beach golf course, and came home that night.  We were anxious (ok, I was anxious) to see our babies!  We had a great trip and loved getting away together.  

Friday, January 20, 2017

aubrey the baller

Aubrey had her first basketball game of the season last week.  This year has been a stark contrast to last year where she cried every game and begged not to play!  Now she gets excited for every practice and game and is doing great.  Steve's dreams are coming true... he gets to coach his little baller!

Aubrey and her basketball buddy, Paige.

Cheering for her teammates :)

Kate gets to sit on the player's bench - coach's daughter perks!

She did a great job on defense - she hasn't made a basket quite yet but is determined!

Good game!  It was so fun watching her play, and I know Steve is in heaven too.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

four years with kate brielle.

Today our sweet Kater Tot turns four years old!  She is so much fun.  Truly the "life of the party" always - we are so lucky she is ours!! The past few days whenever we have told her no about anything she will say, "But I'm the birthday gull!" She has seriously won herself some extra pieces of candy because of that line.

Some things about Kate at age four: Hilarious.  Cutest little voice.  Bossy.  Cute and she knows it.  As girly as they come.  Constantly in a princess dress.  If she's not in a dress and she gets to choose, she always puts on her donut tank top with random black and white polka dot pants.  I always ask "Does that match Kate?" and she says "Yep!  They both have white on them!"  

She thinks the biggest insult you can give a person is saying, "Your favorite color is BROWN! HAHAHA!"  She constantly tells this to Steve.  

Kate loves play doh, coloring, makeup, dressing up, the Just Dance video game, playing with her sisters, picking up Aubrey from school, baking with mom, chewy bars, going anywhere there are kids, and all things "fancy".  I can get her to do almost anything if I talk it up like it's real fancy "Kate!  Did you know Princess Aurora keeps her playroom clean??  Put on your crown and put those stuffed animals away!" Whatever works. 

Aubrey was a total daddy's girl at this age, but Kate is all about mom.  We are together 24/7 and I honestly love it.  She's the best helper, and loves to play with my hair and rub my feet with lotion.  What more could I want in a sidekick? ;)

Kate walks into a park and immediately best friends with all the kids there.  She is inclusive of everyone.  She might boss them around a bit - but she won't leave one person out of the fun!

She looks up to her big sis and adores her little sis.  She is such a good middle child.  It's not always easy for her watching Aubrey get to do all these fun, new things in kindergarten, go to birthday parties she's not invited to, etc. but she takes it all pretty well.  

Last night at the mall we walked by a large man with long curly black hair and Kate whispered (not so quietly) to Aubrey, "He looks like Moana!" and they giggled and giggled.  I felt I should discipline her somehow, but she was kind of right... and at least she tried to whisper!  I used one of my favorite parenting methods of pretending you didn't hear in awkward situations.  Works like a charm!

Still the pickiest eater in all the land.  If you ever wondered if kids can survive only on cereal, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, chicken nuggets, quesadillas, and fruit - no worries.  They totally can!  (I promise we sneak veggies in her sometimes, Mom..) I remember my smug pre children days when I swore I would have kids that ate organic meals with vegetables galore and they would just LOVE every bite.  Oh you silly fool, pre children Lisa.  You also thought your kids would never watch tv.  Lololol.  I have white-flour cracker eating, Disney movie watching girls and I'm pretty sure they are happier because of it. ;)

Kate can brighten just about anyone's day.  She truly has the best sense of humor and it's nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around her.  She fills up our home with sunshine and has since the day she was born.  We just LOVE her!

I had to post at least one outtake.  Heaven knows there's about 100 more of these kind of shots in the mix!

Happy birthday, beautiful girl.  You sure make our world a fun, happy place!