Monday, September 25, 2017

the girls.

It's been way too long since I've updated.  That makes me so sad but I figured I better do an update before I forget all the cute things the girls do lately!

I'll start with the little one..

Oh Ella.  This past year has been such an adventure with her!
First off, her eyes have almost completely changed to green since last year.  It's crazy!  I've always loved green eyes (probably because her daddy has them) so I'm excited one of my babies got them.
Ella is so, so mischievous. Probably my naughtiest toddler out of the three girls. 
I have found her eating a whole packet of BBQ sauce, drawing all over all sorts of walls and furniture, (magic erasers are our best friend) dipping tea cups into the toilet and drinking it, sitting on top of the kitchen island chugging diet coke, and so, so many other tales.  
She was the easiest baby I've ever met and barely ever cried, slept great, & barely even had dirty diapers.  (The doctors said we got lucky and some babies only poop once a week!) so we totally deserved a harder toddler this time around. Haha!
Ella reminds us to say prayers every night before dinner by folding her arms and yelling at us "Mama!" and pointing to our arms.  She's super judgmental if we don't fold our arms during prayer, too.
She is obsessed with boats and constantly talks about them since our trip to Monterey.  I debated throwing her a BOAT birthday party but couldn't find any cute ideas.
She was my latest kid to talk but now she chats it up all day.  My favorite things she says are "Hold you!" when she wants me to hold her, "Shoo!" when she wants us to go away (although rude lol) and "1,2,3,9!!" 
When Kate was sick the other week, she wouldn't leave her side and kept snuggling her and giving her hugs and saying, "Kate, ok?"  They are becoming such little playmates lately and I love it.
For some reason Ella always loves this army hat in our dress up stash and is constantly wearing it and making us laugh.  
Her new favorite thing is taking off her diaper and running away from us naked and laughing.
She LOVES Mother Goose Club and finally will sit and watch something on tv!  She has had zero interest in watching cartoons (which I'm glad for) but she loves these cheesy songs so much.  Before bed when I rock her she makes me sing them all "Row row, Boat, Mama!" "Mista Sun!" 
At night before bed, she says "Bye clock! Bye show! (if the tv is on) Bye food! Bye friends!" etc.  Sometimes if we lay her in bed but she doesn't fall right to sleep, we let her hang out a little longer and she will just lay and snuggle on us as long as we let her.  I love it.
She loves to climb up on the top bunk bed and give us heart attacks.
She loves books, blocks, and JUST started liking her letter puzzles.  Aubrey and Kate knew all their letters, numbers, and colors by the age she is, and Ella only knows about 5 -6 letters.  Third child much?
She recently switched from calling me "Mama" to "Mommy".  
Anytime she sees a baby, or even a car seat or stroller she will yell "Aww, baby! Cute!!" 
She LOVES bugs and anytime anyone comes over she leads them by the hand and shows and tells them where she has seen bugs before in the house.
Ella loved watching Kate at dance class every week and would watch the video of her recital on my phone all the time.  She nearly memorized all the moves to Kate's dance from the recital and once performed it for us almost perfectly.  It was hilarious!
Anytime she gives us a kiss, she will raise her arms up after and yell, "WOOHOO!"  

Then there is Kate..

Kate is still the cute, sassy, hilarious girl she's been since day one.  
She started a kindergarten readiness class last month and it's her very favorite day of the week.  It's a little easy for her, but enjoys the social part of it and all the crafts they do.  I can't believe she'll be in kindergarten next year!
I took Kate on a date one day last month and we had our nails painted, got slushies at Sonic, and then I let her choose a toy at Toys R Us.  (Her birthday is right next to Christmas so I try to surprise her with treats every once in a while to spread out the fun!) She knew she wanted a water baby doll and chose a little black baby and named her Lucy.  She LOVES it so much and always gives it baths, takes it on walks, to the park, etc. I asked why she chose that one and she said, "Babies with brown skin are just so much cuter!"
She mentioned recently, "When you die, Mommy, I'm gonna marry Daddy!"
Kate requests lullabies every single night before bed.  She always wants "Blackbird" by the Beatles and her back tickled.  I will be so sad the day she doesn't want lullabies anymore!
Kate is always my right hand girl when it comes to baking.  We are always making brownies, or cake, or cookies lately and she is the best helper.  I call her my little "Katie Crocker"
Right when Ella goes down for her nap each day, Kate and I play games.  She loves her counting puzzle, her Ice Cream game, and Go Fish best.
At the nail salon, she started talking to the (vietnamese) lady in Spanish and said "Hola!  I speak Spanish too!"  I had to have a talk with her about how there's a looot more languages out there than Spanish and English.
Kate makes friends so easily.  She doesn't have a shy bone in her body. I wish I was just like her!
She is so kind and patient with Ella, and is my saving grace in keeping her entertained.  I constantly find them running around together laughing and playing.

And at last, Aubrey

Aubrey started first grade this year and as always, she just loves school!  She can read so well now - it's so cool watching your kid be able to read books.
She did have her first "mean girl" experience at the beginning of the school year - heartbreaking to hear someone not be nice to your child, especially when she is so sweet and sensitive.  But, she's a brave girl and all is well now.
Aubrey is still our girly tomboy - loves everything girly, but at the same time loves sports, Star Wars, and basically anything Steve shows her.  We joke that Steve doesn't need a boy because she shows interest in anything he'd ever want to do with a son.  Her and her dad sure have a special thing.
Anytime a slow or sentimental song comes on Aubrey will beg us to turn it off, "Please change the song!  This makes me cry!" 
Aubrey's friend's mom got engaged and was showing her her ring and Aubrey was SO confused that  she wasn't married already but had a kid.  She kept saying "I don't get it!" Oh, the innocence of children.  (Obviously we had a talk with her that not everyone gets married before having children)
Aubrey has a diary that she writes in often.  
At school she had an assignment to bring three things in a bag that she liked as a "get to know you" game. One thing she brought was a superhero doll since she loves superheroes.  She was telling us that it was her turn to show her bag to everyone and she had the doll "fly" up out of the bag with one arm up and said, "Super Giiirrrl!" Then she told us, "No one laughed when I did that.  But hey, I thought it was pretty funny!" We couldn't stop laughing when she told us this.  If only I were a fly on the wall!

I know I'm probably missing about a thousand things I'll want to remember, but I guess this is better than nothing!  Love watching these girls grow and develop their amazing little personalities. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

BIG catch up post!

I haven't blogged all Summer so I'm going to just do one big post to catch up!  I know I'd be so sad at the end of the year when I print out this book if I didn't talk about all the fun we had this Summer.  This was our first Summer with a kid in school, so we really got to enjoy having "all the kids home" and I loved every second.  I now see how incredibly fast summers can fly by, which is a tad depressing so we made sure to make lots of memories.  

We started off our 4th of July by going to a local parade - the girls danced and waved their flags in their cute festive get ups - they loved it!  During the day we spent time swimming & eating with Steve's family, and then ended our day with more swimming, BBQ and fireworks at my parents house.  Busy, fun day!  I remember fourth of July being the absolute best as a kid - lots of swimming, yummy food, and getting to stay up late watching fireworks.  The BEST!  

Ella became obsessed with boats this Summer.  Everything is still "Boat! Boat!" about anything that even slightly resembles a boat.

Kate was  a little braver this year and actually held a sparkler!  

Ella wasn't so sure..

This was also our first Summer with a pool and it did not disappoint.  I was a little hesitant to get a pool at first because I knew they were a lot of work.  But who was I kidding?  Steve has done everything to take care of the pool! :)  We also planned on getting a jacuzzi, but ended up getting a slide instead and it's been so fun!!  Ella and Aubrey love it, (Aubrey learned to swim by herself this year!) Kate has yet to brave it by herself but went down once on Steve's lap.  Hopefully next Summer!  

Early in July we took the oldest girls to Safari West in Santa Rosa.  It was on our their "summer bucket list" to go camping, and since we are not exactly a camping family, we thought this would be close enough for them!  We got to go on a safari tour and got up close and personal with all sorts of animals.  I'm not a huge animal person but I thought it was SO cool!  The girls loved it too.  Kate got to sit right next to the tour guide in front and talked his ear off.  I was in the back and could NOT stop laughing.  She's such a nut!  We stayed the night in one of their canvas tents (which came with a shower and toilet - so it was definitely more GLAMping than camping).  We did s'mores, played games on the deck, and had such a great time with our big girls!  Ella had fun at home with Grammy and Papa.  

Since the girls were off dance for the Summer, we decided to put them in a little soccer program for the month of July.  They basically just do drills and do practice games - not a real team.  The girls liked it okay, but it was pretty hot out there and they were very ready for it to end by the time it was done.  Guess I don't get to be a soccer mom after all!  Ella was a good soccer sister always holding their water bottles  for water breaks. :)

Steve and I got to get away for an evening in Berkley to see Jack Johnson in concert.  He was INCREDIBLE.  He's been one of our favorites for years and it was fun to see him live.

At the end of July we went to Monterey with Steve's family, but first made a stop at the Santa Cruz boardwalk.  The girls just went on a few rides - Ella LOVED this car ride.  

17 mile drive stop!

Monterey Aquarium - the best!

Best picture ever.  When we first arrived to the beach Ella hated her life.  She was NOT feeling the sand, sand toys, water, all of it!  

But if you give Ella a boat - she's the happiest girl in the world!  

Popsicles help you forget about sand too..

Welp - there's our summer in a nutshell! I feel like I'm missing so much on here and know we did other things like the state fair, saw the Beauty and the Beast at the Music Circus, had lots of friends come swim, Steve and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary (we saw a movie and had a dinner date at Cattlemens) lots of lazy days at home, swimming multiple times a day until our hair turned green, I was busy with photography sessions (it was the summer of newborn baby boys!), etc. etc. etc!  It went by in a flash, and I'll admit I cried a river the week before school started.  I HATE sharing Aubrey with school.  She really does love it though and I love seeing her grow.  

We are now getting back to school life, and although I miss those summer days something fierce, there is beauty in routine.  In fact, I thrive on it!